Board of Canvassers


Term Begin Date
Term End Date
Donahue, Conrad - Alternate (R)  03/09/20TBD 
Gottlieb, Richard - Alternate (D)  03/22/21TBD
Kanter, Mark (D)   02/25/19  03/10/27 
Vadney, Ellen (R)  02/10/20 03/01/26
Zitka, Nancy (D) - Chair 04/09/1903/09/25

Board Duties and Responsibilities

A Canvassing Authority Board member shall have and discharge all of the functions, powers, and duties of the town council concerning nominations, elections, registration of voters and canvassing rights, the preparing and correcting of voting lists, and other related matters, which powers are transferred to the local board; 

Make or furnish all returns or other things required by law to be made or furnished to or by city clerks, boards of canvassers, and district clerks, relative to any matter within the purview of this title; 

Appoint and employ all its necessary clerical and technical assistants and fix the compensation of each person appointed, within the limits of funds available to it pursuant to law. The employment and compensation shall be subject to the approval of the respective city or town councils. 

Each member of a local canvassing authority shall be appointed to serve for a term of six (6) years beginning on the first Monday of March succeeding the date of his or her appointment and until his or her successor is elected and qualified. No person shall be appointed or serve as a member of the authority who is an officer or employee of the United States or of this state, or who is an officer or employee of the authority's city or town; provided, that in any city a member of the authority may be employed as its clerk. Any member of the authority who becomes a candidate for election to any public office and who fails to file a declination of the candidacy within the time allowed by law shall be disqualified from holding membership upon the authority and his or her successor shall be immediately elected.

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