Town Planning

Portsmouth is a growing community. Productively managing this growth has been the Town Council's priority for over a decade. The town planner is charged with working on the town's future. Whether it is land use regulations, whose benefits accumulate over the years, major physical projects that will benefit residents for decades, environmental protection, or economic development to provide jobs and balance the tax base, the planner focuses the town's government on long-term projects.

The Planning Department is committed to promoting a well-designed, physically integrated, livable and prosperous community in Portsmouth. It provides the community with personal attention, accurate and detailed information, and timely responses in a manner that instills public trust and confidence while exceeding customer service expectations.

There is no "typical" role for a planner, a position that has little day-to-day routine. Planners are project oriented, future oriented, and primarily involved with long-term multiyear projects.