Wellness Program

Checking to Make Sure People are Well During COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 situation, the Town wants to make ensure the wellness of its citizens.

Read the letter from the Town Administrator. (PDF File)

You can fill out and submit the survey on paper by

downloading the survey form.


Checking on Citizen Wellness

In an effort to keep all residents safe and secure, and to provide access to essential services, the Town of Portsmouth is sending every household a COVID-19 Wellness Survey. Our community looks out for its citizens and there are programs in place to help those most vulnerable, a population we have been familiar with. However, COVID-19 has changed our understanding of whom the vulnerable are. Not only do many of us fear becoming ill with COVID-19, but the necessary response actions to slow the spread of this virus have left us with a changed food supply, limited mobility and social interaction, and loss of income for many families. Childcare and elder care services are disrupted, and health care systems are not as accessible. Additionally, our children are isolated from friends, and families are adjusting to a new schooling routine. The impact on all of us is real, and the population we have considered vulnerable is expanding.  

The Town is reaching out to every household in Portsmouth, via a survey, to assess if they have any COVID-19 related needs.

The Survey

The survey has a few questions that, if completed and returned, will help us identify those in need. The Town urges every household to please take a minute to complete and return the survey. 

If you do not return it, or fill out the survey online, we will not know the impact COVID-19 crisis is having on you or your family. If a home needs assistance, our intent is to contact the home to assess their welfare concerns. That said, this survey is voluntary, and your participation is optional. 

Mail it in

You can fill out and submit the survey on paper by downloading the survey form.

Complete it Online

The survey may also be completed online at https://bit.ly/PEMA-COV19-Wellness-Survey.


If you have questions about this initiative, please feel free to call Ray Perry, CEM, our Town Emergency Manager, at 401-477-2172 or e-mail COVID@portsmouthri.com.