Good Energy Consultant Agreement

Portsmouth has entered into an agreement with a consultant (Good Energy).

The Town signed a no-cost Good Energy Services Agreement to help craft and manage the Town's Energy Aggregation program. The Agreement tasks Good Energy with the following.    

  1. Assist the Town in the preparation of a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Program including the following issues:
    • Overview of process and consequences of aggregation.
    • Classes of customers that may participate.
    • Program organizational structure.
    • Program operations.
    • Program funding.
    • Rate setting and cost allocation among participants.
    • Entering and terminating agreements.
    • Rights and responsibilities of program participants.
    • Extension or termination of program.
    • Renewable energy content and sourcing.
  2. Assist in presenting the plan to the community and tow key decision makers.
  3. Assist in dealings with the RI Public Utilities Commission.
  4. Assist in Town management of the program.
  5. Coordinate of an agreement with the potential Electrical Distribution Companies (EDCs).
  6. Develop contract terms and agreements.
  7. Provide information on electric power pricing, market trends and any other relevant information.
  8. Provide analysis on renewable energy programs that would be a part of the CCA.
  9. Manage a comprehensive marketing, education and public outreach program.
  10. Provide a customer opt out consulting service and management.
  11. Assist the Town in the management of the program.
  12. Assist the Town is any disputes associated with the program.
  13. Monitor developments in the wholesale markets and pricing trends in the development of a competitive market strategy.
  14. Assist in an opt-up green energy program.
  15. Provide the Town with access to Good Energy’s data portal.