Strategic Plan

2022 – 2026 STRATEGIC PLAN 

The Portsmouth Police Department’s Strategic Plan serves as a guide for the organization’s priorities over the next five years.  The plan was finalized in 2022, with input from our officers, as well as the community, and will help continue the department’s path forward pledging honesty, integrity, and pride to the public that the department serves and protects. The strategies identified in the plan hope to aid our department in the department’s quest to continually improve upon the services the department provides, as the department continues to progress as a modern policing agency. Included in this plan is the attainment of national accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement (CALEA) which will enhance community trust by enacting, maintaining, and following the highest standards of police professionalism.  This plan consists of five (5) focus categories that will serve as the vision for growth and advancement of the Portsmouth Police Department. 

The Portsmouth Police Department’s full strategic plan can be found here: 

Enhancing Community Trust

  • CALEA Accreditation
  • Citizens Police Academy Continuance
  • Youth Leadership Camp
  • Social Media Expansion

Equipment & Technology

  • Fleet Replacement Plan
  • Body-Worn Camera Implementation
  • Cybersecurity Enhancement
  • Less Than Lethal Force Improvements 


  • P.I. Public Safety Facility
  • Firearms Range Improvements 

Department Structure & Special Services

  • Mandatory Supervisors
  • Traffic Division
  • Search & Rescue K9
  • Computer Crimes Specialist

Officer Wellness & Professional Development

  • Physical Fitness Experts
  • Enhanced Peer Support
  • Family Police Support Programs
  • Continued Career Support
  • Training Hosting & Planning