Command Staff

Chief of Police

Colonel Brian P. Peters

The Chief of Police is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Police Department and is responsible for its effective and efficient operation and the enforcement of rules and regulations of all laws within the town's legal jurisdiction. The Chief exercises all lawful powers of the office and issues such lawful orders as are necessary to assure the professional performance of the department. The Chief of Police is the final authority in all matters relating to policy, procedures, operations, and discipline as provided by law.


dep picDeputy Chief of Police

Major Michael J. Morse

The Deputy Chief of Police is the second in command of the agency and subject to the direction and control of the Chief. The Deputy Chief is responsible for the supervision of all officers and is accountable for their performance. The Deputy Chief exercises all lawful powers of his office and issues such lawful orders as necessary to assure the professional performance of the police department. The Deputy Chief performs various functions relating to the administration and operation of the department as directed by the Chief of Police. In the Chief's absence, the Deputy Chief will assume the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Chief subject to any limitations set by the Chief.


Cahoon picAdministrative Captain

Captain John D. Cahoon

The Administrative Captain oversees both the administrative and detective divisions.  The Administrative Captain is the commanding officer of the Administrative Lieutenant, the Detective Lieutenant, the Administrative Sergeant, the Detective Sergeant, the Detective Inspectors, the Animal Control Officer, the Records Division, the Police Mechanic, Prudence Island Public Safety, and the Reserve Officers. 


Ruest picPatrol Captain

Captain Richard Ruest

The Patrol Captain oversees the Patrol Division of the Portsmouth Police Department.  The division is responsible for all law enforcement duties within the Town of Portsmouth and conducts preliminary criminal investigations, motor vehicle accident investigations, enforces laws and town ordinances, provides continuous patrols, performs a variety of community services, and acts as a first response to all incidents and emergencies.  The Patrol Division provides 24-hour policing services spread over 3 shifts each staffed with 2 sergeants and a shift commander holding the rank of lieutenant.