Patrol Division

Captain Richard Ruest, Patrol Captain

The Patrol Captain oversees the patrol division which is inclusive of three shifts each staffed with a Patrol Lieutenant and Patrol Sergeant.

Please contact 401-683-0300 to reach the desk officer in Patrol.

The Patrol Division of the Portsmouth Police Department is responsible for all law enforcement duties within the Town of Portsmouth. The Patrol Division conduct preliminary criminal investigations, motor vehicle accident investigations, enforces laws and city ordinances, provides continuous patrols, performs a variety of community services and acts as a first response to all incidents and emergencies.

Traffic Officers

The Traffic Officers of the Portsmouth Police Department are responsible for all traffic safety inquiries. The Traffic Officers are responsible for implementing requested traffic enforcement throughout the Town of Portsmouth.

Traffic complaints, issues, and requests can be made to the Traffic Officers. Requests include traffic enforcement in specific area of the Town of Portsmouth as well as the location of the traffic variable message boards.  Please contact the front desk and request the traffic officer's direct extension at 401-683-0300 or by email at

NHTSA DUI vehicle photo by Kieran Egan