Upcoming 2024 Elections

  • Tuesday, April 2--Presidential Preference Primaries
  • Tuesday, September 10--RI Statewide Primaries
  • Tuesday, November 5--General Presidential Election

For more information about upcoming elections, go to:

How Can Voters Prepare for Elections?

Take Action. Things to do to prepare for voting:

  • Register to vote by going online to vote.sos.ri.gov or by completing a RI Voter Registration form and submitting it to your local Board of Canvassers.
  • Verify your current registration information by going online to vote.sos.ri.gov or contacting your local canvassing office.
    • Is your name accurate?
    • Is your address correct?
    • Is your party affiliation current? (Important in primary elections only.)
    • Make any changes NOW by updating information using the same process for registering.

Take Care. Know the sources of information presented to you. Reliable resources for Rhode Island elections and voter information are listed below. If you hear or see any questionable reports, check with one of these authorities:

  • The Rhode Island Department of State, Elections Division 
  • The Rhode Island State Board of Elections 
  • Local Board of Canvassers

Take Charge. The peaceful transition of authority is possible through elections and the power of your vote. Democracy is not passive. 

  • Question information presented. 
  • Learn about who and what is on the ballot. 
  • Vote—by mail or in person. Let your voice be heard.