LED Streetlight Conversion Project

The Town of Portsmouth is moving forward with a streetlight conversion project to implement an advanced LED street lighting program throughout the town. Converting older, traditional street lighting to LED lights will reduce energy use and provide cost savings to the town.  

In recent years, the State of RI created enabling legislation that allowed municipalities to purchase and maintain their own streetlights. For municipalities choosing to purchase the existing streetlight system from the power company, there are financial incentives available to assist with this conversion. 

A town-wide audit of Portsmouth's streetlights revealed that the town has 1,100 streetlights, most of which utilize high pressure sodium light bulbs. Purchasing the existing streetlight system utilizing available financial incentives, and retrofitting the lights with quality, energy efficient LEDs will lead to future cost and energy savings for the town. These cost savings will quickly pay back the investment in the LED streetlight system infrastructure, and future savings can then be reinvested in other capital improvement projects.

  • LED lighting offers significant energy reduction potential.
  • LED lighting can enhance the safety and quality of roadway lighting. 
  • LED lighting helps to reduce our "carbon footprint."
  • LED lighting can last up to 20 years, so maintenance costs are lower.