Who may participate in the program? How do I sign up? Do I have to sign a contract?

Any resident or business in our community can participate and no contract is required.

When the CEA program launches, any electricity customer using Last Resort Service supply from the utility, RI Energy (formerly National Grid), will be eligible for automatic enrollment in the new program. Customers will be provided with an opportunity to opt-out at least 30 days before the program starts. Specifically, all eligible customers will get a Customer Notification Letter (opt out letter)  mailed to them in March 2023, with the program starting in May 2023.

Electricity customers who are enrolled with a third-party supplier will not receive the opt-out letter and will not be eligible for automatic enrollment. These customers can voluntarily join the program at any time beginning in May 2023, but should check their current contract with their supplier regarding penalties or early termination fees.

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1. What is the Community Electricity Aggregation (CEA) program?
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15. Who may participate in the program? How do I sign up? Do I have to sign a contract?
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